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Mission 2 "Journey to the International Space Station (ISS) and the Exoplanets"

We bring our activities to your school

To ease the children's participation in science activities, our team goes to the school, so there is no need to hire expensive buses to travel to other centers.

Whom is this for?

  • Kindergarten: 3º (Only if they have previously done mission 1)
  • Primary Education: 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º, 5º, 6º (It is recommended that they have previously done mission 1)
  • High School: 1º & 2º
  • Familiar showings: AMPAS

The activity is adapted to the age and knowledge of the group.

How long is it?

It usually takes about an hour.

What is it?

It is and educational activity designed to complete the students' knowledge about Space and the Universe. They do this by actively participating in a sensory and interactive journey during which they will visit the different objects that can be found in Space.

With Astronaut Lili's explanations and the multimedia and sensory elements, the learning will be complete, fun, and dynamic.

“An adventure through knowledge and space that they will never forget”

What will we learn in mission 2?

Mission 2 shows how astronauts live in Space, for that, we will go to the ISS (the International Space Station).

The children will find out that everyday tasks are not that easy in Space. Eat, sleep, shower, do sports or their daily job are some of the activities that we will observe during this trip.

After leaving the ISS, to expand the knowledge from mission 1, or the knowledge from science class, our spaceship will go beyond the Solar System, to other stars.

Outside our Solar System, we can study exoplanets (planets not orbiting the Sun) and expand our knowledge about the Universe. The little astronauts will need their imagination and curiosity to wonder about the future discoveries outside the Solar System and to think about the possibility of finding living creatures.

Other things that we will learn:

Sharing, taking care of the material and our mates, do sports, eat healthy and having fun is what awaits in this mission beyond the Solar System.

We will also learn about:

  • Working as a team: In the ISS is very important to work as a team, because they spend a long time in a small place.
  • Restoration task and taking care of the material and our mates: To keep the ISS suitable for life we constantly have to repair it, clean it, and be careful with everything we do.
  • Training: The astronauts must train daily to stand the tough conditions of Space and to avoid the loss of muscle and bone mass.
  • Space Robotics: The future of Space Robotics is also the future of Space Exploration. There are lots of places where a human can not go, robots are essential to explore those places.


To travel to the Space from the classroom, we project a video designed specifically for this activity. Simulating a spaceship and thanks to special effects, sensory material, 3D glasses and Captain Lili, the children will activate their imagination and live a real Space adventure.

To settle the knowledge, students will touch and interact with material related to the places we visit. In this way, they associate what they touch with the new knowledge, and their sensory memory will be activated.

Captain Lili's basic rules for education and science dissemination are:

  • Rigorous and clear information, with the vocabulary adapted to the age of the public.
  • Activating creativity and imagination. Awake their interest in investigating about the topics treated during the journey.
  • Children should feel free. Our journey through knowledge and Space is a trip that children do freely, with no pressure at all. Children sit at the floor, and they are free to move around and interact with the sensory elements of our trip.
  • Activate their sensory memory: Neural connexions in children's brains are constantly being created, activating their sensory and photographic memory will help them assimilate and remember the new knowledge about Space.

Astronaut Diploma

At the end of the show, Lili Astronaut will hand an astronaut diploma to all the participants. As a proof of the succeeded mission 2.

Each mission has its own diploma. Check mission 1.

Essential requirements:

  • Hall or a clear classroom.
  • The location must be at total darkness.
  • If there is a hall with video and sound equipment, we can use the installed equipment.
  • If there is no sound or video equipment, we will provide it.
  • The location must be confortable and should accommodate the number of children that will take part in the activity.
  • Plugs to plug-in our equipment.
  • 1hour to mount and 1hour to unmount.
  • Our vehicle must access the school to unload and load the material. During the activity, if the vehicle can not be parked at the school, we shall park it outside. (If we have to park it outside and the parking is not free, the price of the activity might be increased according to the parking fees of the area.)

How can I get this activity?

Access to HIRE EVENT, full-fill the formulary and we will soon contact you.