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Train as an Astronaut

We bring our activities to your school

To ease the children's participation in science activities, our team goes to the school, so there is no need to hire expensive buses to travel to other centers.

Whom is this for?

  • Kindergarten: 3rd
  • Primary: 1st & 2nd

How long is it?

It usually takes about tow hours (aprox.).

What is it?

It is an educative experience designed for the younger ones to have their first contact with astronomy and space. The best way to do this is to let them be real astronauts for a day, so that the interest in investigating the Space and the Universe naturally arouses during the activity.

Dressed like astronauts they will do different activities and workshops where they are the protagonist.

"Space Suits"      "Training"      "Space Mission"     "Adventure"

What will we learn?

Space exploration is the key to understand our own planet Earth, our Solar System, and other worlds. For that, we sometimes use robots or artificial satellites, but astronauts have to exit Earth and explore too.

Astronauts must train a lot during many years to prepare a mission and put up with the tough conditions of Space. The loss of muscle and bone mass is only one of the many inconveniences of spending long periods of time in the Space. With this activity, the children will understand the importance of daily exercise to maintain their bones and muscles healthy, and they will discover themselves how to train. 

Other things we will learn:

Once the training is over, the space mission begins, during the mission we will learn about:

  • Astronauts' life.
  • The importance of sports and living a healthy life.
  • Galaxies.
  • The Solar System.

How the activity works:

The experience has three main parts:

  • 1st Spacesuits and Training
    Each little astronaut gets a spacesuit and all together experience an astronaut training to exercise their muscles and understand the importance of exercise both in the Earth and in Space.
  • 2nd Space Mission
    The little astronauts will do some easy experiments and handcrafts that will teach them basic knowledge about the Universe, the Solar System and Earth.
  • 3rd Astronauts Picture
    We will take an oficial picture of the mission with all the participants. The class may keep it to remember the experience.

Note: If the group is too big, we will split them and rotate the two groups from part one to part two.


Awakening their creativity and imagination turns the learning process into a dynamic and atractive experience.

The students gets involved and immersed by the activity when we stop talking about other people or topics and we ourselves are the subject of study. Dressed as astronauts the live in first person the things we want them to learn about, in this case, Space and the Universe.

Essential requirements:

  • Hall or a classroom with tables.
  • The room must be confortable and should accommodate the number of children that will take part in the activity.
  • Clear hall or classroom, or an open air space if the weather is pleasant.
  • The location should be big enough for children to move without touching their mates.

How can I get this activity?

Access to HIRE EVENT, full-fill the formulary, and we will soon contact you.