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Space and Science Day


Foundation of the project:

Arouse scientific vocation sin children and enhance women participation in science.

Our main objetive is to awake in the younger ones the interest in science and space through different leisure educational activities, so that they may end up studying science in college.

Whom is this for?

  • Familiar Show

How long is it?

  • About three hours. (We can adjust it to the necessities of the event.)

What is it?

It is a science event with STEAM activities, designed to promote educative, scientific and familiar leisure.

Space and Science Day is a unique experience that combines an interactive sensory show, "Astronaut Lili's Great Show", and science laboratories that complement and reenforce the knowledge acquired during the show.

An amusing science experience that you will never forget.

Activities of the event:

Astronaut Lili's Great Show:

Astronaut Lili's Great Show is a sensory interactive activity, a unique experience to learn and have fun. With Captain Lili, audiovisuals, and sensory material, we will simulate a spacecraft and travel through the Solar System and the Universe. A different and amusing way of understanding science

Learn more about the Show.

Science Laboratories: 

We will create a circuit with different laboratories where the participants become scientist for a day. With games, teamwork and experimentation you will discover new facets of science. Always using the science method and supporting creativity we will make hypothesis and solve the questions. The whole family will enjoy chemical reactions, physical properties, changes of state and more.


  • Awake the interest in science of the participants.
  • Arouse science vocation.
  • Promote science as a leisure activity, enjoying the knowledge acquired through teamwork.
  • Learn about different sciences like chemistry, physics, mathematics or biology.
  • Promote women participation in science.

How the activity works:


  • Reception of the participants and identification of the children.
  • We will divide them into two groups. (By the end, both of them will have enjoyed both the activities.)
  • We will guide them to their activity..
  • First activity:
    • The smaller ones will enjoy "Astronaut Lili's Great Show".
    • The older ones will do the "Science Laboratories".
  • Once they finish we will switch groups.
    • Our team will accompany the children from one place to the other.
    • In this way no one will get lost in the corridors.
  • Second activity:
    • The older ones will enjoy "Astronaut Lili's Great Show".
    • The youngest ones will do the "Science Laboratories". They usually end 30 minutes early.


  • Making science amusing is the best way to arouse science vocations.
  • Rigorous and clear information, with the vocabulary adapted to the age of the public.
  • We will apply the science method to solve the questions. 

Essential requirements:

  • For Astronaut Lili's Great Show:
    • Theatre, cinema, hall.
    • The location must be at total darkness.
    • If there is a hall with video and sound equipment, we can use the installed equipment.
    • If there is no sound or video equipment, we will provide it.
    • The location must be confortable and should accommodate the number of people that will take part in the activity.
    • Plugs to plug-in our equipment.
    • Table and a chair for our equipment.
  • For the laboratories:
    • A hall or a room. (An other one.)
    • The location must be confortable and should accommodate the number of people that will take part in the activity.
    • 4 tables.
    • Plugs to plug-in our equipment.
  • Our vehicle must access the centre to unload and load the material. During the activity, if the vehicle can not be parked at the centre, we shall park it outside. (If we have to park it outside and the parking is not free, the price of the activity might be increased according to the parking fees of the area.)
  • Mounting time: 1 hour and a half.
  • Disassembly time: 1 hour and a half.

Technical Team:

Technical Team provided by Interplanetary Journey:

  • Captain Lili.
  • Space monitors.
  • Science monitors.
  • Sound technician.
  • Coordinator.

How can I get this activity?

Access to HIRE EVENT, full-fill the formulary and we will soon contact you.