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Science and Science Fiction


Foundation of the project:

Arouse scientific vocation sin children and enhance women participation in science.

Our main objetive is to awake in the younger ones the interest in science and space through different leisure educational activities, so that they may end up studying science in college.

Whom is this for?

  • Familiar event
  • The general public

How long is it?

We adjust the duration to the necessities of the event.

What is it?

It is an activity to talk about science in a different way and to dismantle the myths of sci-fi movies.

It is an interactive experience, designed for the children to learn and to feel like real astronauts and actors.

How the activity works:

During the event:

  • The place will be full of stands, as in a science fair.
  • The children will rotate through all the stands.
  • Each stand will have one or two specialized monitors to explain the activity.
  • We will divide the participants in groups so everyone gets to participate in every stand.

During the activity:

  • We will explain how Sci-Fiction movies are made.
  • The children will enjoy passing by the chroma, seeing themselves in the International Space Station (ISS).
  • They can take a picture in Mars or a selfie from the Moon with the Earth in the back.
  • They will enjoy being astronauts and actors for a day.

Essential requirements:

  • Location to place the activity.
  • The location must be confortable and should accommodate the number of people that will take part in the activity.
  • Plugs to plug-in our equipment.
  • Table and a chair for our equipment.

Technical Team:

Technical Team provided by Interplanetary Journey:

  • Space monitors.
  • Science monitors.
  • Coordinator.

How can I get this activity?

Access to HIRE EVENT, full-fill the formulary and we will soon contact you.