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Curricular Space Year


We bring our activities to your school

To ease children's participation in science activities, our team goes to the school, so there is no need to hire expensive buses to travel to other centers.

Whom is this for?

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary Education
  • High School
  • College

How long is it?

We will adjust the duration to the school's needs.

What is it?

Curricular activities for schools, distributed among the school year. The most complete space experience. A personalized steam activities program designed according to each centre needs.

It will be a unique educative experience, with playful activities that will take place through all the year during the visits to the school of our experts.

What will we learn?

The content is designed according to the interest and needs of each school. In Interplanetary Journey, we have experts steam activities designers, we can transmit any knowledge in a playful way with the use of new technologies. We will develop a program adjusted to the syllabus and the interests of the children. 


  • An expert in the field will guide the experience, adjusting the activity to the rhythm of the students.
  • The students will have to manage the materials, the equipment and time, to succeed in the mission.
  • We develop the experiences using the scientific method, in this way, students learn to explore and learn on their own and in a creative way, getting started in the world of science investigation.
  • It is very important to us that the children experiment in first person with real (safe) laboratory equipment and new technologies.
  • All our activities are dynamic and interactive.
  • It is important to let the students know that making mistakes helps us move forward.
  • We reenforce social abilities and teamwork, enhancing the importance of communication and the role of all the members of a team.

Live a experience like real science researchers is the best way to arouse scientific vocations.

How can I get this activity?

Access to HIRE EVENT, full-fill the formulary, and we will soon contact you.