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Astronaut Lili's Show and guided tour trough the Lunar Museum

Once again we offered this space combination to spend the weekend with the family: Astronaut Lili's Show plus a Guided tour through the Lunar Museum.

Any space-loving family could enjoy "Astronaut Lili's Show: A Space Adventure. Mission 1: Trip through the Solar System and Mission 2: Trip to the International Space Station and exoplanets " during the past two weekends. During these activities, we shared knowledge with some faithful followers of Astronaut Lili's activities and with many new friends.

During these two missions, we traveled towards Alpha Centauri and exoplanets, and also through the Solar System and Spanish space technology such as REMS and TWINS. Astronaut Lili's Show was complemented with a guided tour through the Lunar Museum in Fresnedillas de la Oliva, where, surrounded by astronaut costumes and more than 300 space-missions-related objects, attendees learned a lot about our natural satellite and the missions carried out to study it.
At the end of the activity, every little astronaut received its diploma with a replica of a lunar or Martian rock and a scientific-educational poster.

Thank you all! We hope to see you soon!