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Our team

David Cabezas (Pilot & sponsor)

More than 15 years in science outreach, developing new technologies to apply them to education and scientific outreach. STEAM activities creator also developes mobile app, games, augmented reality experiences, virtual reality, design and creation of 3D material, audiovisual scientific resources for education.

He has won several awards for the creation of vscientific videos in CPAN contest (National Center of physics of Particle, Astroparticle and Nuclear. Consolider-Ingenio 2010 project

Actually he is working in the European Space Astronomy Center of European Space Agency during more than 10 years. During this time he colaborate with other centers like Deep Space Communication Complex of NASA.

His passion for space has led him to collaborate with this wonderful educational project, thousands of children will learn the wonders that the Universe hides.

Astronaut Lili (Educator - Actress)

She has a long experience in the world of show and education. When she was a child her father used to show her the planets and stars through a little telescope they had in the roof of their house and she loved to see them and to imagine new worlds. Now she wants to share her knwoledge about Space with all the children and try to wake up their curiosity and their interest in investigation.

Juana Trujillo García-Saavedra (Space biologist)

Degree in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Cheerful and adventurous, always interested in the search for life outside the planet Earth. She is our expert scientist.

Postgraduate courses, certificate of pedagogical aptitude and research experience, more than 12 years of experience in education, scientific dissemination, design and coordination of activities. He puts at the service of every project he undertakes, all his skills, enthusiasm and high communication skills.

Responsible for the organization of school visits in the center of the European Space Agency (ESA), which is located in Villafranca del Castillo in Madrid (ESAC), within the program of the CESAR Project.

Enjoy bringing science passion to the public.

Alejandro Pertuz (expert astronomer)

He currently studies Physics at Complutense University of Madrid where he actively participates with its astronomy society, giving talks and doing astronomy workshops. He is also member of the International Astronomical Youth Camp organization team, where he leads different scientific projects for young people.

Dedicating his free time to astrophotography has let him a broad knowledge about astronomy equipment and image processing. This also has led him to get interested into electronics and mechanics, the final field that has caught his attention is design and 3D printing.

Development of contents

We have astrophysics, engineers and space experts creating regularly new material, new missions, new educational videos, and periodically updating the contents.Without them it would be impossible to our spaceship to work.


We have a big group of qualified coordinators and instructors that will be our special flight auxiliars.



Different sound and multimedia experts will make that anything fails in the spaceship and will capture the best moments.

Scientific advice

Investigators and workers form the European Space AgencyAstrobiology Centre and Deep Space Communication Complex of NASA make that the information we give in our journey is correct and uptated.

NOTE: there is no formal relationship with the institutions named before, it is just a form of collaboration to make activities together.